Revolutionizing the
Consumer Journey

Our innovative media solutions improve the search experience and increase yield by removing clicks and taps from the search journey. With seamless custom integrations and premium advertiser brands, we’ll maximize the value of your platform.

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A Product of Art & Science

Designed with decades of insight into consumer preferences, our intuitive media solutions deliver what people want at the moment of intent—driving value at every stage of the consumer journey through relevant and helpful media placements. For search browsers, shopping applications and editorial sites, we customize our proprietary endpoints to fit your values and your users needs.

Right before the Search - AMP Find

Put the best brands and products at your consumer’s fingertips – before they begin their search. Strategic placements featuring relevant brands and promotional messages inspire consumers to start their search on the brand page.

During the Search - AMP Suggest
After the Search - AMP Results
Search Designed for Your Audience

As experienced AdTech innovators, we’re always interested in exploring new ways to improve how people search on your platform. With your audience’s needs top of mind, we tailor our media solutions to create and capture maximum user value by ensuring an experience that keeps them coming back.

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Retargeting? No Thank you.

Consumers want search results that understand and serve their needs without taking advantage of their data. So we provide relevant ads based on the moment of intent instead of buying or surrendering their data to others.

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